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  • We recently lost the best human and official, Tyler Moening. He will forever be remembered for the smile on his face and joy he had on the mat. You will be missed Ty. Rest in peace, good sir.
  • Matt Stein


    First Brother/Sister official crew in Minnesota! Proud to work with both of you the past few years and happy to see you together on the mat!
  • Barrett Eller

    Thank You

    After going through the training process, communication with fellow officials and leaders that coordinate so much I am truly impressed and feel welcomed by all that I have come into contact with.  I look forward to continuing down this crazy path that may be an accidental passion after receiving an email this fall looking for officials.  I hope to see you all mat side soon. 
  • Matt Stein

    Replay Meeting

  • When: Tuesday, Oct 29th, 2019 @ 7:00pm (6pm social hour) Where: Owatonna Knights of Columbus (map) Webcast:
  • When: Wednesday, Nov 7th, 2018 @ 7:00pm (6pm social hour) Where: Owatonna Eagles Club (map) Webcast: At our Assn meeting we will go over the new rules for 2018-19 and then take out test together in preparation for you all to take your individual test online.  We will also cover Assn business such as dues, mentoring, NYWA, and anything else that comes up. Some new rules and emphasized rules this year are: Two supporting points inbounds – and that can be one point from each wrestler – for all scoring. In MN we consider Toes as supporting points. Ankle socks can be worn at weigh-ins. The Back Bow is illegal by application. A False Start injury can result in a default win by the injured wrestler. An emphasis on more stalling calls and continued wrestling when two supporting points are inbounds and safety is not an issue.  
  • Matt Stein

    MSHSL Shirts

    As we noted previously, the Minnesota State High School League entered into an agreement with Smitty Official’s Apparel to manufacture shirts for several sports and wrestling is one of those sports.  These shirts are now available at approved Smitty Dealers around the country and more importantly, are available in-person at General Sports of Edina.  The new shirt has the MSHSL logo that is sublimated and only Smitty is approved to manufacture these shirts.  You can check out the link here to see the ad for General Sports.   Reminder:  The new shirt is optional for the 2018-19 season if all officials working the dual or tournament are using the shirt.  The previous shirt can be used in contests this season.  The new shirt will be required for varsity contests beginning in 2019-20.   These shirts look very sharp and we hope you will be pleased with the quality of the product. ...
  • Team - please update your profile and mark your dates on the calendar.  School and Conference Assignments are starting and I need an up to date events calendar to properly assign these events for everyone.  Thank you,  Rick
  • Thank you to all the wrestlers for their contribution to our great sport in 2018! It has been a pleasure working with all the athletes and coaches in Southern Minnesota. We have a strong wrestling tradition and it was well represented this year. A lot of hardware was handed out to wrestlers from Section 1. It's fantastic!

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    Cami Snobl on Snobl's () Thanks Matt, it was a fun night! Thanks for being a great mentor, it has been a...