• When: Wednesday, Nov 7th, 2018 @ 7:00pm (6pm social hour) Where: Owatonna Eagles Club (map) Webcast: http://meeting.smwoa.com At our Assn meeting we will go over the new rules for 2018-19 and then take out test together in preparation for you all to take your individual test online.  We will also cover Assn business such as dues, mentoring, NYWA, and anything else that comes up. Some new rules and emphasized rules this year are: Two supporting points inbounds – and that can be one point from each wrestler – for all scoring. In MN we consider Toes as supporting points. Ankle socks can be worn at weigh-ins. The Back Bow is illegal by application. A False Start injury can result in a default win by the injured wrestler. An emphasis on more stalling calls and continued wrestling when two supporting points are inbounds and safety is not an issue.  

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    Cami Snobl on Snobl's () Thanks Matt, it was a fun night! Thanks for being a great mentor, it has been a...