Wrestling Officials:


In an effort to become more consistent, MSHSL has set up a YouTube channel that will be used to communicate interpretations and rules throughout the 2018-2019 season. There are currently several videos available for your viewing that pertain to new rules and points of emphasis for this year.  Please follow the attached document on how to subscribe to the YouTube channel.


This channel is to be used for training purposes only and has no intent to ridicule officials, schools or athletes.  Please use the comment feature underneath the video for positive dialogue.  All derogatory remarks will be removed and further participation will be cancelled.


This channel will be another tool to add to your tool box in your quest to improve as an official.  The channel will only be as good as we make it. That means as you come across good training situations, or situations that you are unclear on how to rule reach out to me at  When contacting me, please make note of the date of the event, the teams competing, the weight class, approximate time of the event in question and what situation you think would be a great training piece or you need an explanation.  We would like to keep updating the YouTube channel for all to learn.  There is a very good chance that others may have the same questions.


Thank you in advance for your willingness to consider this learning opportunity.


Rod Frost

MSHSL Wrestling Regional Coordinator