All Officials

  • Rick Rud

    Rick Rud

    Lakeville, MN
    SMWOA Director, 40+ year official, Multi-year State Tournament Official, Region One Wrestling Hall of Fame - 2011, Dave Bartelma Wrestling Hall of Fame - 2014
  • Cami Snobl

    Cami Snobl

    Tracy, MN
    Assignment Secretary-SMWOA
  • Paul Fishbaugher

    Paul Fishbaugher

    Rochester, MN
    Co-Director of new official development and mentoring for SMWOA, Multi-year State Tournament Official
  • Bill Olson

    Bill Olson

    Byron, MN
    Multi-year State Tournament Official Director of Officials for The Clash SMWOA Treasurer Inducted into the Region 1 Wrestling Hall of Fame 2012. Inducted into the Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame 2017.
  • Jerry Reker

    Jerry Reker

    Mantorville, MN
    Rules Interpretations for SMWOA Multi-year State Tournament official and College Official Inducted into the Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame - 2013 Inducted into the Region 1 and Southeast Minnesota Hall Of Fame - 2014
  • Matt Stein

    Matt Stein

    Eagan, MN
    High School Official since 2006 Minnesota State HS Tournament Official (x7) The Clash Official (National HS Duals) (x4) JJ Classic Official (x2) MN/USA Folkstyle State Official (x6) NYWA Kids State Official (x9) Wrestled for Stewartville HS Team State Tournament 2000 & 2001 (6th) Individual State entrant in 2001 (152lbs)
  • Steve Graff

    Steve Graff

    Owatonna, MN
    Co-Director of new official development and mentoring for SMWOA, Multi-year State Tournament official.
  • Gary Heydt

    Gary Heydt

    Ventura, IA
    Multi-year State Official, registered in MN and IA. Inducted into the Region 1 Wrestling Hall of Fame 2013.
  • Randy Sokoloski

    Randy Sokoloski

    Fairmont, MN
    Multi-year State Tournament Official
  • Dean Nelson

    Dean Nelson

    Mantorville, MN
    Multi-year State Tournament Official
  • Joe Morgan

    Joe Morgan

    Lake City, MN
    Multi-year State Tournament Official Registered in MN,IA,WI,ND
  • Dwayne Lundtvedt

    Dwayne Lundtvedt

    Decorah, IA
    Registered in MN and IA & certified for college
  • Leonard Woelfel

    Leonard Woelfel

    Mankato, MN
    State Tournament Official
  • Don Dilaura

    Don Dilaura

    Ossian, IA
    Certified College Official Registered in MN,IA,WI State Tournament Official
  • Jeff Adams

    Jeff Adams

    Janesville, MN
    State Tournament Official
  • Jim Williams

    Jim Williams

    Clarkfield, MN
    NCAA wrestling official Multi-year state tournament official
  • Pat Irlbeck

    Pat Irlbeck

    Sanborn, MN
    Multi-year State Tournament Official
  • Greg Ewing

    Greg Ewing

    Hutchinson, MN
    ​Greg has been officiating for 18 years. He has worked multiple State Tournaments and sections. He wrestled at St. Anthony and Hamline University.
  • Shane Tappe

    Shane Tappe

    Dawson, MN
    State Tournament Official Joined SMWOA in 2017
  • Rod Hoesley

    Rod Hoesley

    Fountain City, WI
    Multi-Year State Tournament official Licensed in MN and WI
  • Tom Kuisle

    Tom Kuisle

    Kellogg, MN
    40 plus years as a Folkstyle/Freestyle and Greco Wrestling Official. I love the arena of wrestling.
  • David Baldini

    David Baldini

    Waseca, MN
  • Greg Spencer

    Greg Spencer

    North Mankato, MN
  • Brad Tiedeken

    Brad Tiedeken

    Rochester, MN
  • Rich Pohlmeier

    Rich Pohlmeier

    Brownton, MN
  • Mark Levasseur

    Mark Levasseur

    Buffalo Lake, MN
  • Jon Wheelock

    Jon Wheelock

    Janesville, MN
    State Champ 2001
  • Bruce Barrett

    Bruce Barrett

    Owatonna, MN
    Official Since 2009
  • Bruce Fox

    Bruce Fox

    Owatonna, MN
  • Glen Meger

    Glen Meger

    Owatonna, MN
  • Mike Woltman

    Mike Woltman

    Stewartville, MN
    Official since 2014
  • Travis Christenson

    Travis Christenson

    Marshall, MN
  • Brian Danks

    Brian Danks

    Pipestone, MN
  • Neal Skaar

    Neal Skaar

    Hayward, MN
  • Alex Ourada

    Alex Ourada

    Dawson, MN
    Official since 2012
  • Kirk Feit

    Kirk Feit

    Worthington, MN
  • Dana Patenaude

    Dana Patenaude

    Mankato, MN
  • Bruce Bakalyar

    Bruce Bakalyar

    Lakefield, MN
  • Scott Snobl

    Scott Snobl

    Barnsville, MN
  • Matt Sogla

    Matt Sogla

    Rochester, MN
  • Chad Getschmann

    Chad Getschmann

    Plainview, MN
    Official since 2016
  • Pete Henslin

    Pete Henslin

    Dodge Center, mN
    Official since 2016
  • Jared Doty

    Jared Doty

    Marshall, MN
    Official since 2017
  • Garrett Rozeboom

    Garrett Rozeboom

    Albert Lea, MN
    Official since 2017
  • Randy Gibson

    Randy Gibson

    LaCresent, MN
    Official since 2017
  • Troy Brekke

    Troy Brekke

    Waterville, MN
    Official since 2017
  • Travis Ball

    Travis Ball

    St. Charles, MN
    Official since 2017
  • Marcus Ullom

    Marcus Ullom

    Mankato, MN
    Official since 2017
  • Dylan Craig

    Dylan Craig

    Kenyon, MN
    Official since 2018
  • TJ Fulton

    TJ Fulton

    Joined SMWOA in 2018

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